Staff Meal Niagara

If you haven’t heard about Staff Meal Niagara then you’re in for a real treat. Tania and Amanda are the two bright minds behind Staff Meal Niagara who are striving to grow our community of food with a sustainable and nutritious, plant-based mindset.

Tania has had a deep-rooted love for cooking from a young age and has developed her skills working in some of Canada’s top restaurants and featured in on Chopped Canada and Season 7 of Top Chef Canada.

Amanda is educated and trained in nutrition and health through the lens of community development and humanitarian aid. Her studies and passion for food have taken her around the world to support nutrition education, food security, and disaster relief.

Together Tania and Amanda combine their passion for food and nutrition to create some of the best plant-based meals I’ve ever had. (Whatever you do… get your hands on their cookies… absolutely delicious)

Tania and Amanda source their ingredients from local organic farmers to create some of the most creative and delicious plant-based foods I’ve ever eaten. Working with Bartel Organics, Bee Inspired Farms, and Niagara Botanical Co. showcases the regions ability to grow nutritious foods in our own backyards. Tania and Amanda use the farmers seconds and re-purpose stems and leaves to showcase how sustainability can be easy and most importunately delicious.

If you’re anything like me, you might have found implementing a plant-based diet or plant-based meals into your routine tough. Whether it’s the lack of knowledge on where to start or the irregular ingredients some recipes call for, the process of making a delicious healthy plant-based meal can be tough.

That’s where Staff Meal Niagara comes to save the day, not only do they stock some of your favorite local shops with bowls and snacks, they also hold workshops.

Some 2019 workshops included: Vegan Buffalo Mozzarella, Plant-Based Cheesecake, Energy Balls, Bleu Cheese, and a special workout + protein workshop event with Niagara Fit Personal Training Studio.

I can’t say enough good things about Tania and Amanda, they practice what they preach and make it easy for anyone to implement a plant-based meal into their diet with a healthy lifestyle focus.

Be sure to check them out for when 2020 resumes, they’ve got some great things coming to Niagara.   

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